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18. A motto/quote/lyric that you live by and what it means to you.



I have so many quotes and lyrics that mean so much to me, but of course, some that stand out more than others.

“The rock candy’s melted, only diamonds now remain,”—John Mayer, Clarity

This is a line from one of my favorite John Mayer songs, and I love this line, particularly the second part of it (which I’m considering getting tattooed on me). To me, it just means you’re done with the candy-coated stuff and the only thing that’s left is the real thing. I always want my life to be real, I want the people in it to be real and true.


I have a lot tooooooo.  But the one that I think I go by the most is:

“When you know, you know.”

A lot of people think this is about finding a spouse, but it’s not at all.  At least for me. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I get pretty strong premonitions about certain things.  A lot of them are about relationships, but I even had one once as I was leaving my parent’s house for a quick errand about my cat dying.  The cat was an outdoor cat and would come inside only at night to sleep.  When I pulled out of the driveway I saw the cat in the middle of the field accross the street and said to myself that I should chase him down and put him inside, which was something I had never done before, but I didn’t do it. When I got home 15 minutes later my neighbor was shoveling my cat into a box off of the street because it had been run over by a car and killed.  So, I’ve been reminding myself of this quote for a while now that when I get these feelings I need to go with them.  Because when you know, you know!

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Gizzy Investigates: What happened to Bruno Mars’ Mother’s Hawaii Home

It’s no secret that I am a huge Bruno Mars fan.  So this past weekend when a new docu-series about his 4 sisters “The Lylas” premiered on WEtv, I was beyond excited to watch it.  After I found out about the series a few months ago I followed all of the sisters on twitter and have been laughing hysterically at their back and forth banter ever since.  They seem like really genuine, down to Earth girls, much like Bruno, so I couldn’t help but love them too.  They honestly make you want to have a whole gaggle of sisters to laugh and make jokes with, and it made me upset that I don’t have any siblings close to me in age.

The first episode, “Aloha LA” was centered around the girls picking up and moving from Hawaii to LA to start their music career.  Many of the scenes featured their late mother, Bernadette, which would have brought a tear to anyone’s eye, but since I follow the family and see their tweets and pictures of her, I was crying like a baby 10 seconds into it when the 4 sisters were getting tattoos in memory of her. They even put her ashes in the ink!  Like her children, she also seemed very down to Earth and fun loving, and after watching her for 5 minutes in the first episode, I could totally sympathize with how much they must miss her. I didn’t even know her and I already know that I’ll miss seeing her on the show.

The scenes she was featured in took place at the home Bruno bought for her in Honolulu, Hawaii.  A huge beautiful dream house on the beach. You all know that I am investigator Gizzy, so seeing this beautiful house and knowing all her children now live in LA, I started to wonder what happened to the house.  I wondered if the family would keep the house for a place to stay and remember her when they were visiting Hawaii, or would they sell it?  So I took to the almighty Google and came up with nothing. 

Since I often scour the internet for homes for sale that I can’t afford in cities I’ll only ever visit, I knew exactly where to go next. Good ol’ Trulia. Surprisingly enough, I found that the house is for sale, and has been on the market for all of 8 days, and it is even more beautiful than what you see in the show.

When my Grandfather passed away a few years ago we had his house cleaned out and a buyer lined up within about 6 weeks.  I know for my family, selling the house was a good way to cope. So I feel for them and hope their family is able to find peace with it.

Anyway, in the show Bernadette mentions the house and alludes to how amazing it is and that she needs the girls to be really successful so she can have another house just like it in LA. So here you go, check it out, she wasn’t kidding:

Bruno Mars’ Mother’s House

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Songs I’m obsessed with right now.

1. White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

2. Royals by Lorde

3. Dear Marie by John Mayer

4. Crooked Smile by J Cole featuring TLC

5. Give it 2 U by Robin Thicke with 2 Chainz

6. Body Party by Ciara

7. Love More by Chris Brown, featuring Nicki Minaj

8. Wait A Minute by Justin Bieber, featuring Tyga

9. Dark Horse by Katy Perry, featuring Juicy J

10. Bass Down Low by DEV, featuring The Cataracs

Those are my JAMS right now! What songs are you dancing to?

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Holiday Jams: Best & Worst

For more than a month now, I’ve been listening to Christmas music. I don’t just mean slapping on that amazing *NSYNC Home for the Holidays album here and there (don’t act like you don’t listen), I mean I listen to it all the time. At bare minimum, I listen to it all 8 hours I am at work, and usually in the car.

I know, I’m sick. However, listening to it on the radio has opened my ears to some songs I didn’t even know were out there. Some are good, others are not, but hell, Santa is coming down the chimney tonight, so let’s party.

*LOVE: “Last Christmas” by Wham!*

Taylor Swift, try as she might to recreate this song, just doesn’t get it. Wham! is pure gold. And the video just adds to it (think: mid-80s haircuts, oversized coats, and a log cabin).

*LOVE: “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber*

Probably doesn’t shock you that this is on my list. A song about kissing the Biebs. Yeah, I’m into it. Call me.

*HATE: “The Christmas Shoes” by Newsong*

Yeah, I get it, the message is sweet, but I just can’t take it.

*LOVE: “Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time” by Paul McCartney*

I think my opinion on this one changes every year, but it’s cheery, and catchy. I am into it…this year.

*LOVE: “Same Old Lang Syne” by Dan Fogelberg*

This is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, but I just cannot help it.

*HATE: “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon*

“So This is Christmas,” whatever you want to call it and whoever sings it (I’m talking to you, Sarah McLachlan), I hate this song with a passion. The kids are annoying. And so is everything else about it.

*HATE: “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano*

Yeah. Hate it. Hate every version.

*LOVE: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra*

Not only do I love Frank, but this version also pays during my favorite part in Home Alone (my favorite movie of all year, all time) when the Wet Bandits are arrested and Kevin goes to bed safe on Christmas Eve.

Happy Christmas Eve, y’all!


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A mini-10-year reunion.

I have no idea if I have told you all about my friend Brandon.

Brandon and I went to high school together, and by that I mean, we were in the same building. We were not friends. We didn’t talk. In fact, he was pretty much a hippie-dead-head kid and I was school-spirit-maker-dance-team-captain-newspaper-writer.

About 3 years ago, Brandon sent me a message out of the blue on Facebook just seeing what was up, how was I? After exchanging several messages, we swapped phone numbers and have been texting ever since.

Some weeks or months, we talk alot, sometimes on the phone. And sometimes, we’ll go months without talking, without a grudge, but when we talk again, all is well. Like most guy-girl friendships, I think there has been a small attraction there. We flirt sometimes, and we do get a little jealous when the other person has landed a date.

A few months ago, Brandon sent me a text saying he was going to be in my area December 4, we should have lunch. Brandon, a sound technician, travels with bands on tour, setting up their…set.

I immediately said yes, of course! And then I was just a little nervous. I hadn’t seen this person in 10 years, we’d only talked on the phone a handful of times. Would we get along? Will he be cute? Will we kiss?

I sent him a text asking, is this lunch or “lunch”?

He didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about, so I assumed I was a giant slut and went along with my week.

In the week leading up to his visit, he said he was excited to see me, but we really hadn’t nailed down plans and I was starting to freak. The drive to get to him was an hour and a half, so if we were going to be drinking, I’d have to figure out a plan for the night, etc. Sigh.

I took a friend’s advice and just asked him what he wanted to do?

“Drink, eat, be fat,” he said. No help.

“When do you want me to come down?” I asked.

“Whenever you’d like,” he said. NO HELP.

I finally laid it out. “I have a meeting Tuesday night until 8:30, so I can meet you around 10, or I can come Wednesday morning, but I’ll have to bolt around 7 wednesday evening.

“That seems silly to come down Wednesday and then leave. Come Tuesday.” He told me his hotel address, and that was that.

I assumed this was an invitation to stay the night, but since it wasn’t laid out nice and neat, I was still confused. Either way, I packed a small bag and made the trip Tuesday night.

After getting lost and probably getting a toll bridge fine, I made it to his hotel and was ready for a stiff drink.

He looked so cute. And tall.

He said he knew some girls from work that found a cool bar with a band. So we grabbed a cab and headed that way. The girls were nice, the music was great, and the alcohol was flowing.

“We haven’t seen each other in 10 years!” I said as we cheered to shots of whiskey.

The girls left, as did most of the other bar patrons, and we sat at the bar trying to finish our beers. It was almost 2:30 am.

Mid conversation, he leaned in a kissed me. And it was a good one.

We took our beers to go, and hopped into a cab, where we proceeded to make out.

We got back to the hotel room and I recall lots of rolling around, and perhaps an attempt at sex, but the real stuff came in the morning.

This scenario is something I’d toyed with for months, even years, perhaps. If we ever met up, would there be a spark? After many conversations with Gizzy, I really wanted to just go with it. I didn’t want to plague myself with my usual fears of sex, or paranoia about how many people I’ve slept with, or whatever. This was someone that I’ve been talking to for years, and who knows when we’ll see each other again.

But while I was thinking, and pretty much assuming we would have sex, he SAYS he didn’t. Over lunch the next day, he said he was really shocked, yet very proud to wake up next to me with no clothes on.

“I did not think the visit would be like THAT!” he said.

“You didnt?” I asked. I didn’t know if he was just trying to be kind.

Either way, I had a great time. I told him it couldn’t be another 10 years before we see each other again.

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Aand pretty standard.

I planned on having a relaxing weekend, full of sleep and checking off my giant to-do list for this week. Oh, but that didn’t really end up happening.

After work Friday, I headed over to the normal Mexican restaurant where I meet the group for tacos and margaritas. About an hour in, we were all buzzing, and talks of heading to the bar afterward was the topic on hand.

For the last week, I’ve been texting with one of the guys in our group, I’ll call him J. He’s funny, nice, however going through a divorce. I honestly don’t know many of the details, but… yeah.

I will say I’ve enjoyed talking to him, and a part of me has always felt some sort of attraction toward him. However, I was, nor am I, on any type of mission to get involved there.

So after three margaritas, or maybe four, we headed to the bar, kept drinking and danced like fools. I wish I could remember more—like what songs we danced to. But, I just remember jumping around, dancing, singing, laughing, and even waltzing with J.

It was a fun night.

During our waltz, J informed me that he’s had a good time texting with me, he thinks I’m beautiful, but he knows he’s “damaged goods” right now. He doesn’t want to hurt me.

I was drunk and I think appeared upset over this, but I was thankful he told me the truth.

At the end of the night, I was barely able to stand, and of course unable to drive. J insisted that he drive us to our friend’s, where we then kissed in her living room.

Against my better judgment, I hopped into her guest bed with him, and proceeded to full on make out with him, and remove my clothing for additional naughty behavior.

Don’t worry. We didn’t have sex.

In the morning, we briefly talked, and he drove me to my car.

He apologized for his actions and words contradicting each other, and I appreciated that, but I also understood where he was coming from. I absolutely do not want it to be weird between us.

I feel different about this. I think I am in a new place than I was before. Normally, a night like this would have sent me on an emotional roller coaster; hoping that I could change his mind and get him to like me, despite his need for space.

But I don’t feel that way at all.

We were drunk, we messed around, and we still enjoy each other’s company. So what? I just hope that our friendship remains the same…and okay, if we have a drunken make out a time or two, I’m cool with that.

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3 degrees of separation to my [right now] 4th runner up

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was OB-SESSED with the new teeny bopper show Hollywood Heights? 

Well, I still am.  And every day I think the lead actor, Cody Longo, gets hotter and hotter.  At this moment in time he is my 4th runner up soul-mate.

1. Ryan Gosling (obvi)

2.  Zac Efron

3. Alexander Skarsgard

4. Cody Longo

Number 4 changes pretty frequently, but this guy will probably hold this spot for the remainder of the summer.  

Anyway, I did some twitter creeping and figured out our 3 degrees of separation.

1st degree – My friend, we’ll call her Karen, is in the biz and is friends with…

2nd degree – Miley Cyrus, who is friends with…

3rd degree – Cherie Daly, who is the girlfriend of…

Cody Longo

Boom! We’re practically married. 

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A change in tune.

Wednesday night, my apartment complex held a summer luau on the roof of my building. Remember the Christmas party they held? It was similar to that, only better.

Not only was there free food and booze, but it was unlimited. Hell to the yes.

I showed up about 20 minutes after it started, grabbed a plate of food and a beer. I found an empty table and sat down. I took one bite of the brisket before I noticed the one and only Emilio Estevez (creepy neighbor in 219) looking in my direction.


But before I had any real time to react, an older couple surrounded my table, plopped right down and said, “You look lonely!”

Thanks for the insult.

From what I gathered, they’d moved to down just a week ago from New Mexico, and it was indeed a son in his early 40s living with his mom.

I grabbed another beer.

Just as I was feeling my buzz, here comes hot neighbor. He was dressed in gym attire, carrying a protein shake like a true juicehead.

He came right over, said hello, and asked where the goods were. I pointed him to the food and he shortly returned and joined the misfit table for a chat. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay long, saying there was a documentary on the ’92 Dream Team he wanted to watch.

“I’m such a dumb jock,” he said.

So he left, and I went for beer no. 3. On my way back to my table these two cute guys stopped me and asked me about the beer I was drinking. They were best friends, roommates, and both big drinkers. Insta-friends.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Estevez approaching and I quickly told the guys the deal. So here comes Estevez, acting all cool and pretending like he didn’t tell me his apartment number.

Finally, Estevez leaves and we all have a laugh. Somehow, one of the maintenance men was near us, and the cute boys start chatting it up with him. Being the nice guys they are, they were like “hey dude you worked so hard tonight, come upstairs for a beer.”

So the four of us go upstairs and have more beer. The guys’ apartment was awesome —projector screen instead of a TV, massive collection of Ray Bans, and of course, an inflatable pool on the balcony, complete with sand and a palm tree.

I finished my beer, gave them my number and skipped downstairs to tell Gizzy my night. I chatted with her for a few hours, my buzz was wearing off, but clearly not enough.

Around midnight, I scribbled something on a post it note, skipped two doors down to hot neighbor’s door, and slapped it front and center…

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A Dinner with Sweater Vest

My bad guys, I forgot to write a post on Wednesday.  With that being said, TGIF!

This summer is starting out with a bang, and I’m trying to get out of my normal hum-de-dum lazy haze and do some things so that I’m not sitting at work watching the seasons change out the window like a tool.

Tuesday night I had dinner with Dina and wait for it…. Sweater Vest.  I know our dear friend Just Married Girl just got really excited!

I arrived at the restaurant first and SV came in a few minutes later.  Dina was, as always, 30 minutes late.  By the time she arrived SV and I were each 2 beers and an appetizer in, and had already caught up on the past 4 years.

He casually mentioned that he had a girlfriend, which I already knew because of facebook.  But it’s weird, we had a thing back in the day and I didn’t want it to be inappropriate if I asked questions so I just dropped it there.

Another beer later Dina brought up the girlfriend and asked when she was coming to visit.  Apparently the girl lives halfway across the country, who knows how they met.  But he mentioned that she’s moving to The Big City in a month and they are going to live together.  AND if that goes well he’s going to propose by the end of the year.

I’M SORRY! But how did this happen? Not 6 months ago SV was up Dina’s ass to get us to hang out, which I made excuses over and over that I was busy and now he’s engaged to be engaged?

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not interested in SV in that way, I semi have High School Crush now (Grand Prize, I win!) but is this what happens in adult relationships? If you have been dating the person for 6 months and you don’t hate each other it’s time to move in and get married?

This is just a little too much for me to handle, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that if I get a serious boyfriend I might have to take a poop while he’s under the same roof.  Or after 6 months I might start doing my nightly before bed rituals in front of him (chapstick, chapstick, chapstick, hair in an ugly girl bun, baggy t-shirt, and shorts – shacker style).  HSC and I have been talking for 6 months and I haven’t even let him see me without make up on yet but in SV’s world we could be engaged to be engaged.  The best part was that Sweater Vest’s reason for being engaged to be engaged was, “We’re compatiable, so why not?” PSHHHHHHHHH!  OK!

Clearly I’m not at the same emotional maturity level of SV and we’ll just leave it at that.  To make matters better, Dina wants the three of us to go out again tonight to get pants shitting drunk. Hrmph.

Wednesday night I got a text from 2nd Crush saying he was coming up to the big city Saturday night and asked if I wanted to hang.  I failed to mention that the last time I saw 2nd Crush was a few months back when I was face deep in HSC’s mouth… HSC and I spent the night at Chuck’s house, as did 2nd Crush and his partner in crime.  At one point in the night I went into the living room and found 2nd Crush and his friend sitting on the couch each wearing a woman’s big floppy hat just having a chat. 2nd Crush was all, “Who is this guy you’re with? I don’t know him!” and I was all, “Um mind your own beeswax, Grandma!” and we really haven’t talked since then.

If I’m not too hungover from the night out with SV and Dina that I’ll probably end up bailing on anyway, maybe I’ll go… for the blog.

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Blame it on the rain.

It’s raining as I write this. Like thundering, lightning, the whole bit. And I just love it.

When I was a kid, I haaaated the rain. Of course, most kids do, as it brings upon indoor boredom, and perhaps a power outage, which would be the end of the world. As a child, the only good thing the rain would bring were the creepy crawlers under all the rocks in my yard.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love, and even look forward to a nice rain storm. When I’m at work, it drowns out the sounds of the printer, phones, and my coworkers’ chatter. At home, it’s a nice soundtrack to write, or more importantly, sleep to. And the rain is a really good excuse to skip out on activities like the gym, or happy hour, or generally anything that deals with responsibility.

And so, you can imagine my delight when the weatherman predicted rain for the next seven days.

Praise God in the Highest.

Anyway, enough weather chat. My first blog class went pretty well. Keep in mind, I still have to make it through 4 more. My class has 9 students, and when I say they do not blog, I literally mean that. Only a few of them even knew what a blog was. I said the word “domain” and every single hand was raised.

But hey, that’s okay. That only means they’re about to have their worlds rocked with that of the blogosphere.

Ok, enough of the geeking and onto the gossip.

Did you hear, Miley is getting hitched??!

When I first heard the news on TODAY yesterday (hehe), my immediate thought was, omigod she really IS going to turn out like britney.

But the more I thought of it, it’s not like they’re eloping and Liam is sure as hell better than K-fed. Am I right or am i right?

Besides, that ring is gorge! Not saying a ring is what it’s all about, but you know. I honestly like lil Miley, and I am sort of giddy over the wedding details, not unlike how I was with Kate & Wills.


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