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The Jersey Shore Replacement

I would imagine I’m probably one of the only (if not THE ONLY) of my friends that still watches MTV religiously.  It’s sad, but I love it.  Anyway, I have been really looking forward to the new show “Buckwild”, about a group of friends living on the countryside in West Viriginia.  The commercial that really sucked me in was one where a girl is shooting a potato gun and says, “This is how ya make ‘tater salad in West Virginia.” I think I laughed for 6 days, and said that same line to everyone I know for the next 2 weeks.
So last Thursday was the premiere and I couldn’t have been more excited.  I was supposed to go out with a friend that night, but thankfully it worked in my favor that she didn’t text me to go out until 10:15 and I was already snuggled up in bed laughing my ass off. 
In the first 2 episodes, “The Girls” get evicted from their house for being too loud, one of them punches a crazy neighbor in the face, that same girl bitches out one of the other girls AND one of the guys for banging in her bed, all the guys want to bang the pants off of “The new girl” – one of them succeeds, “The Girls” move into a new house where they have no neighbors, they all go ‘muddin’ whilst drinking warm beer – get stuck and while waiting for a tractor to come pull them out the girls mud wrestle, then they go swimming in the power plant water – which they deem safe because they’ve swam in it 50 times and only gotten sick twice, then they make a pool out of a dump truck where one girl offers to jump in topless if the guys will pay her $100 – she does it, and they don’t pay her, of course.
I was really sad when the Jersey Shore ended a few weeks ago. Why? I don’t know, I can agree that Jersey Shore was one of the stupidest shows ever, but I watched it every. single. week. And just when I thought I was going to have to go back to watching educational tv (LOL), MTV did not fail me, and put a replacement show right up to par in that 10 o’clock slot.  Touche MTV, touche.
P.s. I miss my broom closet.  I can’t remember if I told you all about how I got a promotion a few months back.  This promotion brought me out of my then office that was a made over broom closet.  It was small and there were 2 of us crammed in there, with tables as desks and no drawers to put our things in, but at least it was quiet.  Now, I’m in a glorified cube out in our main suite with the rest of my team.  To my right, I have the girl that has the cackle heinna laugh, and to my left is the lady with the foreign accent that talks in an unbearibly loud tone.  Sigh..
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Protected: What’s happnin’, what’s up? Got Kahlua in my cup!

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Protected: Fatso strikes again.

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