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What I’ve been up to aside from hating men

In light of recent events if I see so much as a happy couple on tv – I get pissed off, change the channel, and feel like I need a beer with a shot of tequila in it.  No, I don’t always get one,  I’m not an alcoholic. Yet.  So I was pretty delighted to see that facebook added yet another new feature where they highlight people’s relationships, engagements, and marriages so that you can congratulate the happy couple.  Yep, there they are… right above the birthdays on the homepage.


What the fucking fuck balls Zuckerberg?
The best part is that it doesn’t go away the next day like the birthdays.  It stays there, mocking you, for like a damn week. From the research I’ve done so far, I  have figured out that there’s no way to turn this annoyance off completely. You just have to X out of each individual relationship as they come up.  This might be the last straw for me with the facebook.  It’s bad enough that everyone with kids turned it into Babybook, but now this?

Hey facebook, how about you get a feature for us singletons? Like a pop up, that shows up every time you log on telling everyone what awesome thing we did last night by ourselves.  For example, when someone logged on it might pop up and be like *bloop* Lucky wrote 15 articles and made $1,000 while you sat at home staring at that dark speck in your kids buttcrack… IS it a mole with irregular boarders or is it just a fleck of leftover poop? 


Anyway, I started my new job on Monday and so far so good! I don’t want to be all, OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Because I think I said that when I started my last job.  The fact is, work sucks, but the people at this place don’t seem to be so serious.  

For example, Monday morning they kind of gave me the run around of their financial system, gave me a stack of files and had me get to work.  In that process I was able to meet some people via email around the company.  One lady in particular and I had to work through some issues with an account and yesterday afternoon I got this email from her:

To: Gizzy

From: Pat

Subject: The deed is done!

Importance: High

I walked in the sun both ways.  Drops of sweat are dripping from my hair and face all over my silk blouse from Chico’s.  I am going to sit here in my office, drinking cold water, until 3:30pm, with my fan 12″ from my whole body.  All undergarments are soaked.  It’s sickening.  Diane signed it and handed it across the room to a person that works in the Controller’s Office, so I did not have to walk there as well.  They were all in a meeting on the 4th floor.

I LOLed really hard at this for about 5 minutes.  Mostly because earlier in the day this lady called me and was whining about how she didn’t want to walk across the company campus because she was wearing high heels, she’s probably 70 years old, so her description of the aftermath is pretty amusing.  People at my old job wouldn’t have ever dared to send an email like this because they’re all boring. The email would have read: delivered. 

Because this job came about so fast, I didn’t really have time to look for appropriate housing so I had to move back in with my old roommate (Mom).  It’s not bad, my roommate is pretty much the coolest ever, so I have no complaints… but I am already anxious to get back out there on my own.  I picked out living room furniture and everything. It’s plum. YEEE!!!!

AND in other news, am I the only loser that watches the new show on Nick @ Nite, Hollywood Heights? It’s pretty much the best show ever, and what makes it the best show ever is that it’s on every single night.  So the longest you ever have to wait for a new episode is 2 days. And it doesn’t hurt that this hottie is the star…

I hate to admit that this show is what gets me through the day, but it’s true. You guys should check it out, and then tweet this guy and tell him he should marry me @codylongo Kthxbye.

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New year, new number

I personally love the holidays.  I love everything about them, the lights, the music, the brisk air, the food, the togetherness, but the one thing that I HATE about the holidays is the mass texting/warm wishes from people you’d rather not hear from and only hear from around the holidays.  Lucky and I rant about this every year when we get a bunch of “Happy Thanksgiving!!” “Merry Christmas!!” texts from people we haven’t talked to in months. 


My theory on the whole mass text thing is that there is one person the sender wants to get a reply from, just to have a way to spark up the conversation.  I’ve also noticed that when people are in a googley eyed can’t get enough of each other relationships they don’t send them.  For example, I can think of 2 guys that would send out mass Thanksgiving texts to all their friends each year.  And this year, they’re both in serious relationships and didn’t send out jack.  Which is fine by me, 1 less text for my quota.  When I hit 2000 texts in 1 month I start to feel like a loser.  Thank god it doesn’t count BBM messages or Lucky and I would be in trouble. 

Normally, most of the mass texts come in between 9am and 1pm on the holiday.  This Thanksgiving just when I thought I was in the clear because it was 1:30 and I hadn’t received anything, I got a text from Snoop-Linus, “Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope all is well!!” Ugh!


Now, I don’t know if this was a mass text or not, but either way it pissed me off.  Was this or was this not the guy who 2 weeks prior I had told to leave me alone forever? Oh wait, I forgot to tell you guys about that… 

So early/mid November, as per usual Snoop-Linus sent me a bunch of sob-story depressing long texts about how his life will never be the same without me in it, and how he knows how bad he messed up (mind you, we have been broken up for a solid 18 months), and if I could only just hear him out and give him a chance he’d show me how much he had changed, and that he is a better person, yada, yada, yada.  My only reply, “It is good that you are trying to change your life for the better, you need to.  But as I have said before, I will not ever marry someone who has cheated on me, so there is no point in us ever talking again.  I appreciate your understanding.”  Of course he came back with all this hoohah about how people change and he is a different person blah blah blah.  Which, nearly 3 years after meeting the guy I have heard that line about 50 million times and know it’s a pile of bullshit.  Plus, I don’t want to be with someone who had to change who they were to be with me, I want to be with someone that is a good person from the start.  How hard is that to understand?


Anyway, he finally said that he understood and wouldn’t bother me anymore, but if I ever wanted to talk he was just a phone call away.  The next day I saw something on his friends facebook about how they’d all be doing lots of drugs in the coming weekend, then they posted pictures of him with a bunch of whorey girls that can’t spell.  Has not changed.  People don’t change.  End. Of. Story. 

So now you can see why the Thanksgiving text pissed me off.  2 weeks before the guy was ready to kill himself because I wouldn’t hear any more excuses for his pathetic life, now he’s got a slore on each arm and wishes me well.  How hard is it to just leave me alone, seriously?  I know I’m way cool, but really, I’m a completely different person from when we dated – I’m an adult! With responsibilities, and a job, and goddamnit I deserve A MAN – not a drug induced comatose loser.


So I didn’t reply to the text and later that night, he sent another one, “How was your day?” As much as I don’t want to do it, I think it’s time to change my number.  I’ve already blocked the kid from facebook and gotten a new email address, so this is the last step to free myself of Snoop-Linus.  It will be hard to do, I’ve had my number since I was 16 and I’m about as attached to a phone number as you can be without it being weird.  2012 is a new year and a fresh start and by god it’s mine and Lucky’s year to make things happen, so if a new phone number is what it will take for my life to be awesome, then a new phone number I will get!!

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I told ya, baby… I’m a rockstar

Well, the big photo shoot was on Saturday.  It actually went really well for the most part.  I did all my prep before hand – tan, teeth whitening, mani/pedi, facemask… you get it.  Which was probably too much prep because it didn’t seem like any of the other girls did things like that, but it’s whatever.  I think it was good regardless for me to put some time and money into myself, because it made me feel better.

So I show up at the studio and as I’m walking around to the front of the building I see a photographer in the ally taking pictures of a girl sitting on a dumpster.  Oh, so that’s how this is going to be? I walked up and met the casting agent who cast me for the gig and about that time another girl walked up so we went in to get our hair/makeup done and met the rest of the girls.

Let me elaborate on who I was working with here… There was the heavy set improv actress/comedian, the quiet shy stood in the corner and didn’t say 5 words asian girl, the bubbly fun ditzy blonde, the older wise mom type who only spoke when she had something deep and heartfelt to say, the crazy haired urban token wild black girl, the sweet as pie blonde, the gorgeous REAL actress who is on tv, and me, whatever I am, “the new comer”.  

I walked in with an attitude of, “Okay, I can do this.  I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.  I don’t know ANYONE and instead of being recluse and shy I’m going to break out and make some new friends.”

So as soon as I walked in the door I told everyone how me and “sweet as pie blonde” accidently went into the wrong door and nearly got attacked by a giant vicious dog.  Everyone looked at me, didn’t say a word, and then went back to what they were doing.  Oooook, then.

As more people showed up the mood lightened, but sweet as pie and I clung to each other for the first half hour sharing our stories of how we came across the agency and what we wanted to gain from it.  She had been married for 8 years, was in her early 30’s and needed a hobby to get away from her husband and 3 kids every now and then.  The other thing I learned was that I was the only person in the group who is single.  As per usual.

Eventually, I got my hair done and it looked AWESOME.  It was like wavy/curly and beautiful. The make up? Not so much.  I didn’t have a chance to look at it before I had to go get my first round of pictures so I honestly had no idea how it looked, I just knew that the makeup artist layer caked it on.  The thing is, I’ve had my makeup professionally done a good amount of times and not once has anyone been able to do it where I thought it looked good, so I don’t know why I expected this time to be different.  I don’t know if it’s because I typically don’t wear much makeup or what, but because of my dark hair and eyes everyone takes it upon themselves to put the darkest colors ever on my face and those colors just flat out don’t look good on me.

So I went down to the ally to get my first round of photos taken.  When I went to change into the second outfit and looked in the mirror I nearly pooped myself.  The make up was AWFUL.  I was expecting the dark smokey eyes, which don’t look that good on me to begin with, but I knew she was going to do it.  She also put brown lipstick on me.  I just don’t know what would possess someone to do that?  Brown lipstick doesn’t look good on anyone.

Lucky said it best, “They put brown lipstick in samples because no one buys that shit” EXACTLY!

Honestly it looked like I had been down in the alley munching on a big turd.  Really.  So I wiped it off for the second round of pictures and put my pink lipgloss on, which looked better but brown lipstick is hard to get off, so I had turd colored residue on my lips for the rest of the shoot.  I am just still appalled at the lip color choice.  Ick!

Lucky suggested that maybe she was trying to make me look older, which is a good guess because I was the youngest one there, but I just don’t know.  Gross.

Anyway, once I felt like I looked like a human we went on to the beach to do the group shots.  It was pretty chilly and windy, but I think the beach pics will be good regardless.  They did have us rolling around in the sand, and I’m pretty sure there was a funeral going on about 50 feet away, but whatta ya do?

All in all it was a really good experience and I’m glad I did it.  The girl who does the casting was full of good info.  She’s one of those people that speaks what’s on her mind and 99% of the time it’s something hilarious.  She’s worked a lot in Hollywood and has been in a lot of movies and was telling us that she can walk into a room and tell everyone who they’d play in a movie.  I was the love interest/girl next door/secret geeky star wars fan , the wise mom was the smart always wins lawyer, the impromptu actress was the witty barista, the quiet asian was the secret serial killer, sweet as pie was the over emotional too involved mother… and she gave us all a part to play in our shoot too and even offered to let us use her name in the biz, because “she knows everyone”.

What really got me going was while we had a little bit of down time the actual tv actress was yammering on about all of the gossip with the other actors and actresses on the show that she’s on, which I thought was HIGH-larious.  If it were me, I probably wouldn’t have been saying that stuff in a room full of strangers, but being on the receiving end it was pretty exciting.  That is until she whipped around and asked me, “So what do you do? Are you an actress?” To which I had to hide my face and shame at all the other people who actually are actresses and make a living doing it and say, “No, I’m an accountant…”

All in all, it was a good time, I met some nice people, and got my foot in the door doing something that’s 1 million times better than sitting behind a desk with a calculator all day.  SUCCESS!


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Gizzy vs. Big City

I would like to say ditto to Lucky’s post yesterday.  I’m bored with my life and I just moved 8 months ago.  I think a lot of it is because I’m not meeting new people that I like and want to hang out with and because it’s a hassle to try to go out and find new people.  Not a hassle as in going up to people and striking up a conversation, it’s just a hassle to go out.  After roaming the streets waiting for an empty cab to pick you up, waiting in traffic when you finally get a ride, and scoping out the scene I’m exhausted before I ever even get my first drink and I’ve already spent $20 and an hour out.  Let alone my friends here are all dudes.  That’s problem #2.  I’m missing the token partner in crime.  

When Lucky was here we had a blast.  We were meeting people left and right and it was the first time since I had moved to the big city that I gave a guy my number.  When I’m out with a group of guys it’s like no one will come up to me because I’m standing there with 3 dudes, but then I don’t feel comfortable going up to hot guys because what do I say? Hey do you wanna come do some shots with me and my friends…Anth, JM, and Doogie? You guys will have tons in common! You all have weiners.

I guess my first step, as lesbian as it sounds, would be to meet a single girl to go out with.  Then we can go out and meet guys.  I do have Jess, but she’s one of those girls.  And by those girls I mean she is the type of girl where yes she is a cute girl, but she’s no prettier than me or any other girl, but some how she gets all the guys.  Yeah, maybe it’s because she can’t handle her booze and gets drunk after one drink and guys think shes easy or maybe it’s because she makes it a point to eye fuck the shit out of every guy that she thinks is attractive.  Maybe a little of both.

But while we’re being honest, I don’t think my soulmate/person I’m going to marry is in this city – I’m here for my career.  100% of the guys I have met in this city are into themselves and themselves only and I am not into that.  It’s exactly like college.  The only thing they do on the weekend is party and get laid. 

For example, 2 weekends ago I had plans to go to the beach and hang out with Jess.  After the beach we were going to come back get ready and go out for a girls night. 20 minutes before she’s supposed to be at my apartment she calls me and says she’s bringing her friend Mary, fine with me. 

When she gets to my apartment she informs me that we’re going to meet her flavor of the week, his friend, and cousin at the beach and they want us to bring a bottle of alcohol and they will get chasers.  Unfair, but whatever I have an exccess of booze from my days as a liquor promoter so I grabbed a bottle of that and we were on our way.

We get to the beach and first I meet Jess’ flavor, he’s cute but totally into himself and barely paid her any attention all day long because he was busy picking up other girls on the beach right in front of her face.  I mean why wouldn’t he? She had already slept with him on their first date so there’s nothing else to look forward to.  So he got wasted (off of my alcohol) and wandered around looking for his next piece of ass.

While on the other hand, his cousin (to my surprise, was The Bed Wetter) and friend had their sights focused on me.  Before the friend ever heard me speak a word had already told Jess that he liked me, and Jess had already conveyed the information to me.  Like no, he doesn’t like me, he likes the way I look and wants to fuck me.  After I started the down slope to 30 I decided I’m not dealing with guys like that anymore because they’re the assholes that will inevitiably fuck me over.  Because honestly?  What in the hell makes this guy think he even stands a chance with me?  Not that I am some beauty queen awesome person who thinks they’re better than everyone else, but you really think we are 12 years old and you can tell my friend you like me and I’ll just rip my clothes off?

This is what I mean, every guy here is full of themselves.  If they have a corporate job they think they’re awesome and they can get any girl that their stone cold hearts desire.  No thank you.

So anyway, I’ve made the executive decision that once I’ve been at my job for 1 year (January) I’m going to start the job search again.  I think I’ve proven to anyone that gives a shit that I can make it in the big city and now I’m over it.  If I’m ever going to get married and settle down I don’t want it to be with one of these full of themselves assholes who will probably have an affair with his sexretary. 

The people here aren’t good people, and that’s what I need in my life.  I’ve prooven myself and there’s 5 months left on the clock, so here you go Big City… it’s your turn. 

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