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Office politics a no no

Tis a Sunday for a weekend post.  I slacked off on Friday and didn’t post but I need some advice like rull bad so thus – a weekend post! Hooray!

I didn’t get up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding like Lucky did, but I have been catching the repeats all weekend.  I don’t envy Kate Middleton as much as I envy Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy.  Will is the guy we all know we should like because he is straight laced and a gentleman, but bad boy Harry is just so freaking cute.  And still on the market.   Lucky, switch up our trip to Italy for London?

This whole Royal Wedding thing has made me take a look at my own life though, I just loved the ceremony and all of the traditions they took part in.  It was so formal and not at all American which is why it screams class.  The fact that they waited until they got to Buckingham Palace before they even had their first kiss is just precious.  I want that.  But it’ll never happen, because I’m American and in America if you’re not all over your new spouse at the wedding people whisper and think you don’t love each other.  Ughhh…. eff this country.  Anyway, in honor of the holiday and from now to eternity please refer to Lucky and I by our Royal names honorably given to us by E!’s Royal Name generator:

Princess Gizzy Arabella Ingleshirecott of New Yorksburgh and Dame Lucky Tildsley De Sotocock of New Yorkport

But, on to my real problem: work.  Things seem to be getting easier every day, I’m still learning a lot and hate pretty much everyone I work with but I feel like I get a hell of a lot more than anyone else accomplished and I’m almost to the point where I can sit at my desk and google fun things until I get an email of someone asking me to do something, then I can start working.  

So there’s this part time lady, we’ll call her Corned Beef.  There are 4 other people that hold the same position I’m in, and a few years ago Corned Beef was one of us, she wasn’t at my desk but when the guy who sat at my desk suddenly got fired last year everyone pitched in to pick up the slack until they hired me 9 months later.  Corned Beef only works 2 days a week so she misses a big majority of the drama that happens with our accounts while she’s not working.  The past few weeks she’s been working on these reports basically to make sure we’re all doing everything correctly.  She had come to me about a few things that I was putting into the system wrong, I took note of it and we all went on our marry day.  Until Friday morning when I got to the office and saw she had sent this email Thursday night:

Hi Gizzy,
Since I know you bring your lunch I wanted to ask in advance if you would like to go for lunch next week.  I have a few things that I have found that are work related that I want to discuss with you and would prefer to not do that in the office.  Don’t be afraid…..there are things that I have found while doing the exception reports that I want to go over with you and some other office politics items.  I must admit that going through those reports is down rite mundane, but at the same time very enlightening!
I don’t know if you have been to the cafeteria for lunch, if not they have a big selection of items and the food is good, but expensive.  Consider lunch on me, since I am inviting and it will be considered part of training.  Let me know if Tues. or Thurs. is better for you.

Corned Beef

I know what you’re all thinking, Gizzy you’re such a tool that email is not bad at all she is trying to help you, which is exactly what Anth and JM told me when I got home Friday night and made them analyze it with me.  But, I am pretty sensitive to any kind of criticism when it comes to my work, I take detailed notes on EVERYTHING and ask a lot of questions and take work very seriously because if something goes wrong I am going to make sure it wasn’t my fault – to the point where I have a hard time making friends in the office (as you can clearly see by now.) People always tell me that I’m too serious and need to take a break and go outside and get some fresh air.  Uhhh no, because not taking breaks means I can leave half an hour earlier.  And that’s what this is all for, so I can come home and lay in my bed.  Seriously, once I have all of my student loans paid off and buy myself a new car I’m quitting my job and getting one where I only have to work 15 hours a week that just pays my rent and utilities.  

But anyway, Cocktails At Tiffany’s readers this is where I am reaching out to you.  What do you guys think this email means?  Did I fuck up so badly that she has to take me to lunch to tell me I’m about to get fired? Is she trying to shit talk Cigarello because he taught me how to do everything wrong and doesn’t want him to hear? What are the office politics about!? They’ve already told me there’s not much room for promotion so they don’t expect me to stay more than 2 years, so how could there possibly be office politics involved at all? I don’t talk to anyone so I’m not manipulating people.  This all just seems so weird to me.

Lucky did some analyzing with me Friday morning while she was at her work retreat, and I told her that I don’t think the lady is trying to be malicious or rude because she’s really my only friend at the office.  But, I don’t understand why it needs to be taken outside of the office when we have conference rooms and empty offices we could easily talk in.  Lucky pointed out that it’s inappropriate that she’s taking it outside of the office, and I agree.  Especially if she’s going to tell me I’m doing a bunch of things wrong, I understand not wanting to embarrass me in front of anyone else, but I also feel like if I’m doing things wrong my boss needs to call me into her office to talk to me about it, not someone who is there 2 days a week and who is essentially below me and one of my assistants on our work totem pole.  

The “lunch meeting” is on Tuesday, so bring on your thoughts.  I need to prepare myself for anything that could fly my way Tuesday afternoon.

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Cheerio ole chap!

Well folks, tomorrow is The Day! Kate and Wills are finally getting married. Did you ever expect me to be this excited? With all the wedding drama this season, and me not having a man anywhere in sight, you’d think I would throw my television out the window at any sight of true love in this world.

I was actually telling Gizzy over the weekend, as I was shedding a few tears, that I don’t like the person I’ve become lately. I’m scared that problems I’ve had with dating and issues I’ve had with my family, have turned me into a cold, bitter person that will never trust anyone enough to love again.

And in some cases, I really do feel that way. But, the fact that I’m getting up five hours before work tomorrow to watch a wedding on TV, shows me that I do have a little bit of that Happy Go Lucky in me.

So, Cheers to the royal wedding! Now, how to celebrate?

Being up so early, I’m definitely going to need some food and drink. But, what? After some minor research, I’ve got a few ideas.

Scones with tea, strawberries and cream, bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes), or perhaps a Royal Wedding Donut from Dunkin Donuts??

Now, if I didn’t have to go to work, I’d definitely plan to pop a cork in the newlyweds’ honor. However, I don’t know if I should show up to the work retreat with a buzz…or should I?

The question remains, why am I so excited?

I’ve never really been interested in royals, however I’m often curious about Princess Diana’s life and death. In what I’ve seen (through many documentaries and made for TV movies) Kate is similar to Diana in several ways.

I’ve always admired Kate. I love love love her classic, yet chic, style. Although she seems like the sweetest, girl next door, we all know she’s stirred the royal pot a little bit (when her mum was caught chewing gum at Wills’ parade!!!). And I loved it when William dumped her, what did she do? Hit the bars in hot little dresses.

But the number one reason I’m so excited, is because it truly is a fairy tale. She’s a “commoner” (if you consider her million dollar parents common) getting to marry her prince—a real prince!


Anyway, after my lovely morning admiring Kate and Wills, I’m off to the work retreat. Then, after that, I’m off on the road trip for the Bachelorette Bash weekend. Here is the latest e-mail we got, regarding the retreat:

Hello and good morning, everyone.  Hope you had a relaxing Easter weekend.

This is a reminder about our upcoming retreat on Friday, April 29.  We will meet at the Suites. Let us know if you have any questions about where to go.  Dress is “casual Friday attire.”  Continental breakfast will be available from 8-8:30 am and the program will begin at 8:30. We are having pizza delivered for lunch.

Walter, from the College of Business will be with us to present the survey results.  After lunch, Craig, an Executive Coach and Strategic Planning Consultant, will speak to us.

Please let Syneesha know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend. Here is the agenda for the day.  We are looking forward to having an enjoyable time together.

8:30-8:35              Welcome

8:35-11:30           Survey Overview

11:30-12:00         Lunch

12:00-12:30         Our Most Important Customer

12:30-12:40         Values Overview

12:40-1:15           Core Values

1:15-2:00              The Meaning of Values/Behaviors Associated with Values

2:00-2:15              Vision Statement


Sounds really exciting, right? I’ve already heard chatter ’round the office about people wanting to “discuss” certain issues. It’s a well-known fact that the higher up who planned this meeting hates anything off-the-cuff, which is why every minute of the day is planned—no time for Jerry Springer moments. However, this chatter that I’m hearing makes me giddy. I hope someone starts a fire!

Now, about this bachelorette weekend. For the most part, I’m pretty excited. I mean it’s a weekend at a nice hotel, nice pool, and plenty of things to do. And hell, I’ve packed a handle of vodka, a 2-litter of soda, and a bag of limes, so I’ll be fine. But there’s just one thing I’m a little worried about.

Remember that stock the bar party I went to awhile back, with the douche-y husband? Yeah…his wife is going on the trip. Of course she is! Because I can’t just have normal shit happen to me, it all has to be dramatized and have some sort of back story, because I have an anger management problem and therefor I need to be punished.

Hopefully, she won’t walk in with a grudge and confront me about it, but if she does, my liquid courage will save me from confrontational hives.

And last, but not least, did anyone watch The Voice Tuesday night? I absolutely LOVED it…except for one thing—Carson Daly. Seriously Carson, TRL is so over.

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