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Why I am a quitter.

Earlier this week, I quit my job at the magazine.

I know I’ve mentioned before problems that I’ve been having with the magazine, but just for shit’s sake, I’ll give you a little recap.

Things really got hairy this year. At the end of last year, you might remember that I was really excited when our editor, Jeremy, told me they were going to create a food section and asked me if I wanted to be a part of the meetings when they created it.

Yes, yes, yes!

But when the new year rolled around, the editors decided they would cancel the writers’ meetings because I was the only person showing up. While I was happy that I didn’t have to leave work to attend a lame meeting, they didn’t set up any kind of replacement for pitching stories.

So for weeks I was emailing the editors my story pitches and was never getting any response back…so I went weeks without any assignments, which also means weeks with no pay.

When I finally emailed begging for an assignment, they asked me if I’d be interested in brainstorming for an article on online dating. I said sure, especially because I was (and still am) obsessed with CATFISH!

I started brainstorming, and made a post on my Facebook page, asking if anyone had any experience in online dating, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I got 4 good leads, and sent the editor an email explaining them and asking if I should pursue them.

Jeremy told me they were great ideas, but I wasn’t allowed to interview my friends, so he would assign another writer to my story.

I didn’t reply. I knew another writer wasn’t going to come through. Plus, a story about online dating wasn’t necessarily anything cutting edge. Online dating profiles are private information, so unless the story is on someone like Manti Teo, you have to ask people you know about their experiences.

A few days later, Jeremy sent me an email asking me how the online dating story was coming along? I told him it wasn’t coming at all since he said I couldn’t interview my friends.

He emailed me back apologizing for the confusion, but saying he thought a story with snippets from online dating profiles would be cool.

Excuse me? You just told me I couldn’t interview my friends because of journalistic integrity and you want to swipe peoples’ online dating profiles to get a laugh?

I didn’t reply to that and in the midst of all this, I get an email he sent to the whole staff, announcing the new food editor—some guy I’d never heard of. Thanks, thanks a lot.


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What I’ve been up to aside from hating men

In light of recent events if I see so much as a happy couple on tv – I get pissed off, change the channel, and feel like I need a beer with a shot of tequila in it.  No, I don’t always get one,  I’m not an alcoholic. Yet.  So I was pretty delighted to see that facebook added yet another new feature where they highlight people’s relationships, engagements, and marriages so that you can congratulate the happy couple.  Yep, there they are… right above the birthdays on the homepage.


What the fucking fuck balls Zuckerberg?
The best part is that it doesn’t go away the next day like the birthdays.  It stays there, mocking you, for like a damn week. From the research I’ve done so far, I  have figured out that there’s no way to turn this annoyance off completely. You just have to X out of each individual relationship as they come up.  This might be the last straw for me with the facebook.  It’s bad enough that everyone with kids turned it into Babybook, but now this?

Hey facebook, how about you get a feature for us singletons? Like a pop up, that shows up every time you log on telling everyone what awesome thing we did last night by ourselves.  For example, when someone logged on it might pop up and be like *bloop* Lucky wrote 15 articles and made $1,000 while you sat at home staring at that dark speck in your kids buttcrack… IS it a mole with irregular boarders or is it just a fleck of leftover poop? 


Anyway, I started my new job on Monday and so far so good! I don’t want to be all, OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Because I think I said that when I started my last job.  The fact is, work sucks, but the people at this place don’t seem to be so serious.  

For example, Monday morning they kind of gave me the run around of their financial system, gave me a stack of files and had me get to work.  In that process I was able to meet some people via email around the company.  One lady in particular and I had to work through some issues with an account and yesterday afternoon I got this email from her:

To: Gizzy

From: Pat

Subject: The deed is done!

Importance: High

I walked in the sun both ways.  Drops of sweat are dripping from my hair and face all over my silk blouse from Chico’s.  I am going to sit here in my office, drinking cold water, until 3:30pm, with my fan 12″ from my whole body.  All undergarments are soaked.  It’s sickening.  Diane signed it and handed it across the room to a person that works in the Controller’s Office, so I did not have to walk there as well.  They were all in a meeting on the 4th floor.

I LOLed really hard at this for about 5 minutes.  Mostly because earlier in the day this lady called me and was whining about how she didn’t want to walk across the company campus because she was wearing high heels, she’s probably 70 years old, so her description of the aftermath is pretty amusing.  People at my old job wouldn’t have ever dared to send an email like this because they’re all boring. The email would have read: delivered. 

Because this job came about so fast, I didn’t really have time to look for appropriate housing so I had to move back in with my old roommate (Mom).  It’s not bad, my roommate is pretty much the coolest ever, so I have no complaints… but I am already anxious to get back out there on my own.  I picked out living room furniture and everything. It’s plum. YEEE!!!!

AND in other news, am I the only loser that watches the new show on Nick @ Nite, Hollywood Heights? It’s pretty much the best show ever, and what makes it the best show ever is that it’s on every single night.  So the longest you ever have to wait for a new episode is 2 days. And it doesn’t hurt that this hottie is the star…

I hate to admit that this show is what gets me through the day, but it’s true. You guys should check it out, and then tweet this guy and tell him he should marry me @codylongo Kthxbye.

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WF Seeks job, will offer sexual favors for employment

I’m to a point in my job where I just do not give a flying fuck.  I don’t care if I’m late, I don’t care if I miss meetings, I don’t care if the work is done, and I don’t even care if I get in trouble for all of the above.  I would be ecstatic if I got fired, etc..etc..etc.. I’ve been relentlessly applying for new jobs in the city that I want to live in and before even being given an interview I already care about these companies more than the one I currently work at.  This is a problem, right?

Here’s what I don’t want, I don’t want to start a new job and be all amped up about it at first and then fall into the same pattern as my current job a year later.  This time, I want to do it right and make sure I’m going to love the job before I accept anything, even though I am pretty despie to get out of the big city.  I have compiled a list of the top 5 (legitimate) things I hate about my current job:

  1. Lack of communication between higher ups
  2. Un-organization (lack of training, lack of “who to go to if you need this” lists)
  3. Lack of fun activities to keep employees motivated
  4. Micromanagement
  5. Co-workers
  6. Task work flow (I had to add an extra for good measure)

I probably complain about my co-workers the most, but I think I could deal with them if the rest of the office environment was better.  This is the thing, I hear about other people’s jobs and I get really jealous of the fun things they get to do at work.  I have a friend that works for a pasta company and she gets to travel every few months to cool places, her office pays for her to take classes to learn Italian during work hours, they also send her to Italian cooking classes during work hours.  She’s not some big wig, she does marketing.  One of my new roommates works for a medical supply company, and his boss occasionally takes his team to the golf course for a day of fun instead of making them work.  But my office? We get a Christmas lunch and a fiscal year end party, where as we are supposed to be able to leave early after them but my boss makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong if you do. 

My company is known as a place where fun comes to die, seriously.  So why I expect to get treated to a day that doesn’t make me want to kill myself is beyond me.

Anyway, I have put every important person I know on the hunt to find a new job for me.  I even stooped so low as to ask the owner of the company my mom works for to help me out.  But he said he would see what he could do.  If it gets me a job, I don’t care who I have to have sex with.  Despie Debbie up in here.

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Valentine’s Day Re-Hashed

Did everyone have a super lovey dovey Valentine’s Day? This year didn’t pan out as bad for me as past years have, but I still kind of wanted to slit my wrists and lie in the bathtub.  Oh and I had a super weird meeting with one of my bosses that made me feel dirty.

I should back up a few months, I failed to mention to everyone that before I left for my big Christmas trip to Hawaii I got a promotion.  Go me! I was pretty excited about it, I would be getting more responsibility, a(n) slave intern, a small raise, and most importantly my own office – far far away from Ciggy Breath and his noises.  Ah, the thought of my cube days being over was enough to tickle my pickle.

I knew it would take some time for my bosses to hire my replacement, and they told me that my office was currently occupado because of another building being under construction.  But, I am happy to report the replacement for my old job started Monday and my office will be ready for move in on March 13th!

So that brings us to yesterday.  My boss’s boss sent me a meeting invitation to go over transitioning the new girl into my position and what I should be prepared to train her on, etc, etc. A few minutes before the meeting she comes to my desk and says to come with her because we’ll be meeting with the CFO and the Director of my department too.  My thoughts? OH SHIT! They found the blog! Goodbye job, goodbye money, goodbye big city, goodbye health insurance.  Hello moving back in with Mom.

They started off the meeting by kissing my ass “off the record”.  They went on for a solid 20 minutes about what an amazing job I’m doing, how they know I’m not using my full potential at the job, how they all know a lot of people outside of our company and if I’d ever like to go elsewhere I should let them know where and they can hook it up because they want to see me do big things.  And on that note, they said that they would like to see me continue at our company and they were willing to make it worthwhile for me by providing me with incentives.  So now I’m thinking I might get another raise and that would make me muy muy happy.  Because I am poor.  Seriously, my bank account has $37 in it and I don’t get paid for 2 more weeks. Sigh.

Anyway, THEN they were like… buuuutttttt we want to talk to you about some things happening in the office.  [insert here what your face looks like when your stomach falls into your butt.]  “We’d like to talk to you about your neighbor, Ciggy Breath.” Oh shew! “Does he bother you? Anything you say will be off the record, we won’t ever use your name.” Ok, this is weird right? Why is this whole meeting “off the record”?

I don’t think it’s a question in anyone’s mind whether Ciggy Breath is annoying or not, we all know he’s The Worst.  So I told them.  “I mean yeah, he irritates me and disrupts my workflow because he’s so loud and obnoxious.  But I think that’s because the rest of us are so quiet, and he’s so not.” Apparently this wasn’t the type of dirt they were looking for, they all exchanged glances and moved in closer, “But has he said anything inappropriate to you that makes you feel uncomfortable or that has crossed a line?” Hold the bus.  Am I understanding this right? Are we trying to slap Ciggy Breath with a sexual harassment suit?

If they would have given me some more time I probably could’ve come up with some things I had heard him say to other people on the phone that were inappropriate, but my brain was kind of scrambled, “Uhhh… I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that he’s said that was inappropriate or off color that offended me.” Then they were all like, “This is anonymous, we want you to tell us if ANYTHING has been said, we’ll never use your name, we just need to know.” Trust me.  If I had some dirt on Ciggy Breath I would ABSOLUTELY come forward in a heartbeat to get him fired.  But I don’t, which sucks.

So after that sufficiently awkward meeting I went back to my desk and facebook chatted with Lucky the rest of the day.  Apparently my slacking off every day keeps this business afloat.

Then I went home, and while most girls were enjoying a nice filet mingon steak and a bottle of the finest vino with their significant other, I sat in bed and watched Teen Mom and chowed on a couple of those super yummy Dunkin Donut Valentine’s Day heart shaped donuts, yeah the ones with the chocolate chips, and didn’t feel bad about it.  I win!

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Who’s The Boss?

BBM Conversation between Lucky and Gizzy on 12/20/2011 11:17 PM

Lucky: There’s a time for love and a time for livin so take a chance and face the wind
Gizzy: An open road and a roaaaaad that’s hidden
Lucky: there were times I lost a dream or two, found a trail, and at the end was you
Lucky: There’s a path you take and the path not taken…
Lucky: A brand new life around the bend
Gizzy: The choice is up to you my friiiiennnd!
Gizzy: We really just did that


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News! News! I have big news!

Ok so my news isn’t that big.  Ok it is, to me.  Remember a few weeks ago when I was bitching and moaning about my boring going no where accounting job and how I wanted to do something cool in the entertainment industry so I registered with a bunch of casting company’s?! WELL!!! After expressing interest in a few different commercials/movies and hearing nothing in return, I finally got cast in something!

That’s the exciting part, the not so exciting part (for Just Married Girl at least, & OMG there’s an episode of Friends on right now about Sweater Vests – it IS a sign) is that I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the Sweater Vest hang out tonight.  I’m getting ahead of myself… 

So I’m sitting at work screening calls from one of the surgeon’s I work for because someone (not me) may have lost $80,000 of her “spending” money by being a ‘tard.  Not lost as in dropped it on the street, lost it as in gave it to another institution by accident and now they’re saying they’re not giving it back (or that “it would be virtually impossible to give the money back”) so anyway, she’s all up my ass trying to get me to help her fix it because the team she assembled to do these things for her are idiots (obvi) so I contacted everyone I could 10 times told them the situation and was sitting pretty waiting for a response telling me it had been magically fixed while she called me every 5 minutes to see if there was an update when my cell phone started blowing up… it was an email from a casting agency!

The email basically said I had been cast as a model for a photo shoot on Saturday.  We’d be modeling local designers dresses pretending we’re at a party and the photos will be used as promotions for the designers and the studio.  They dress us, do our hair and makeup, and we get copies of the pictures and a some monaayy to go along with it.  I’m not going to quit my day job over it, but I’m pretty freaking excited!!!

When I told Anth about it he made fun of me, go figure.  Saying if I see any Victoria’s Secret models to give them his number.  HA! Then asked if he could come, then I told him about how the Brit wouldn’t stop texting me and his response was, “Is it because you told him you’re a model now?”  But, just for ANTH’s information… at this time last year my only job was modeling and it (barely) paid the bills, so Victoria’s Secret model that!  He’s obviously upset because I’m not coming to watch his marathon Saturday morning.  Whatever.

So anyway, my call time isn’t until Saturday at 2pm but I feel like I have to do a lot before I go.  Like I feel like I need to go get a spray tan so I don’t look dead, and work out for 5 hours before I go to the shoot so I look skinny.   And get a mani/pedi in case my hands or feet are in the shot.  What I wouldn’t give to be 22 again…. back then I always felt good about how I looked and I would’ve rolled out of bed after a night of partying and showed up at the shoot.  Now?  I’m canceling all my plans for the 4 days surrounding the shoot so I can make sure everything is perfect.  I don’t know, I guess my livelihood is at stake so I’m freaking out about it.  But, I haven’t told Dina that I won’t be able to make it out yet tonight because I’m hoping they’ll switch it to Saturday night and I can go out all glammed up from the photo shoot and find a husband/rekindle my half romance with Sweater Vest.  We’ll see how it goes…

Just to give everyone a Lucky update: She said the smudging went well and her fat cat loves the new apartment!  I hope it’s making all her dreams come true!

Ok… where’s cynical Gizzy? 1 good thing happened and all my cynical world hating aspirations went out the door.

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Beer Me!

You guys totes thought I was getting away without a post today, huh?  No siree!! I was planning on not posting anything because I have nothing to talk about, but then… something happened.

I was sitting at work craving candy bars and cheese fries while twiddling my thumbs when I decided to look at my bank account.   I only get paid once a month and let me tell you, it is ROUGH.  

First, I have to pay all my bills at the beginning of the month and hope I can survive on what’s left.  I also have a percentage of my paycheck automatically moved into my savings account (that I usually end up transferring back into my checking for extras throughout the month like Sunday Funday and that pink 1 shoulder dress JWOWW was wearing on Jersey Shore that I had to order from London :/ ) and if I have nothing left the 3rd week into the month then that’s just life and I’m going to have to eat my finger nails. But this month THIS MONTH I did really well and I had $25 left that I saw today (tomorrow is payday).  So my wheels started turning and I decided to get wings and beer from a restaurant tonight for dinner.

So I picked up my wings after work, bolted through the grocery to get my beer, and got in line behind a hot tall drink of water.  I’m sure at some point he saw my face of disgust that him and the girl infront of him both had their carts full of food and all I had was my beer (and my wings that were getting cold in the car minute by minute while I stood there).  Finally, just before the extreme couponer infront of him was finished checking out, the hottie turned around and said, “Here, you can go infront of me.”  and I was all… “Omg are you sure????” Whilst batting my eyes at him.  And he was like, “Yeah I mean I’ve got a bunch of produce and stuff and all you have is that beer.”  And say, “Oh yeah, well I like my beer! Thanks so much!” As soon as I heard that come out of my mouth I thought to myself, really?! This is why you are single.  I like my beer, you could not sound like more of an alcoholic.

As I’m standing there I’m thinking if I should keep talking to this guy.  Is letting someone cut infront of you at the grocery the same as if someone buys you a drink at a bar? If they buy you a drink you have to stand there and talk to them while you drink it, so if he lets me cut, I need to stand there and talk to him while in line?  I’ve never been in line behind anyone nice enough to let me cut, so I’m a little behind on my line etiquette.  

Anyway, I didn’t keep talking to him, because we’re talking I was at the grocery craving some bud light limes after a long day at my work aka the sub tropics, my makeup was all over my face, my hair was all crazy pants, and frankly I just looked a lot like this: 

Minus the maid outfit? But, I think not talking to him was helping my case a lot more than talking to him would have.  If he would’ve asked where I was off to with my case of beer and I told him my bed to watch Sex and the City reruns, he might have thought I was a loser.  

So does anyone have any grocery line etiquette tips for me in case this happens again?  Next time I need to be more prepared and powder my nose before beer shopping.  This was a good opportunity to meet a total stranger and I missed it! RATS!

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