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My 20 biggest moments this year (according to facebook)

In order from most recent to oldest, no other introduction necessary:

1. I made 25 new friends 
2. I liked 8 new things
3. I made a video of my sister prank calling my college friend, calling him Daddy.
4. I updated my profile picture to a picture of me wearing a caldron costume with a baby in it, as the stew. Yes, baby stew.
5. Betty and I discovered how to put beer cans in Mcdonald’s cups inconspicuously so no one knew we were drinking.
6. I locked everyone out of Betty’s apartment and shoved my sister through a window to get back in.
7. I attended a sleepover and acted a fool.
8. I took a picture with 5 other girls, in the street.
9. I commented many times on a picture of a guy with a huge mustache.
10. I moved back to my home state.
11. My Mom got an iphone and I documented it.
12/13. Lucky and I went to Vegas.
14. I had a Birthday.
15. I went to visit Lucky.
16. Betty’s exboyfriend sent me several links regarding being a cat lady, and fat pets, which I enjoyed.
17. I had a basketball tailgate at my apartment in the Big City.
18. My alma matter’s basketball team lost to a really sucky school, and I was visibly really upset about it on Facebook.
19. I was in Havaii, and loving it. The V was intentional.
And that’s only 19, I’m not even cool enough for 20. Bah-humbug.
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