Fat girl slim.

A few weeks ago, I started using my first “fat cream.”

It’s by Bliss, called Fat Girl Slim. I’ve been eyeing it for probably a year or so at Sephora, but was always just too cheap to buy it. However, I had a gift card burning a hole in my purse, so I went for it and bought a starter kit.

The kit includes supplies for a 4-step plan: Fat Girl Scrub, the Slimulator, Fat Girl Slim, and Fat Girl Sleep.

Before using it, I had a great time looking up some reviews…most of which were good. Obviously, this cream isn’t going to make me skinny, but I would like the backs of my thighs and my ass to look a little tighter.

So, you start with the scrub, which smells delish—like a grapefruit. Then, you use “The Slimulator,” which is this nubbly thing you use to scrub your “less than perfect parts.” The scrub and the slimulator are supposed to wake up your fat cells and help them melt away…

Plus, every time I use The Slimulator, I say it in my best Arnold voice.

After showering, you use the Fat Girl Slim cream, which is minty. And before bed, you slather on the Fat Girl Sleep, which is supposed to use your sleeping hours to tighten and recover. It smells like lavender.

So far, I’ve noticed a bit of a difference, especially in the smoothness of my areas…in fact, the only guy who has touched them was shocked at how smooth they were.

All in all, a success!

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